We are researchers from the MIAI Multidisciplinary Institute on Artificial Intelligence and the Max Planck Institute in Europe and we have designed AdImpact to measure if there are systemic biases in the quality of content users receive on Facebook from news medias among different psycho-socio-demographic groups. It will help you analyze the number of sponsored posts, and the number of posts you receive from news organisations on a daily basis.


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Warning! If you are using some ad blocker like AdBlock Plus, you need to disable it on Facebook in order to get the most out of AdAnalyst. Also, AdAnalyst is not compatible with tracking protection settings, and third-party cookies should be allowed in your browser. Finally, you need to set your language in Facebook to English (US) or French (France). Currently, we do not support other languages.

How does it work?

AdImpact works silently in the background while you are browsing Facebook without any overhead to your browsing experience. It analyzes the content you receive in Facebook to show you aggregate statistics about the ads and posts you receive from news organisations.

What data we collect from you:

  • The ads you receive while you browse Facebook
  • The accompanied explanations that Facebook provides
  • Data about posts you see on your timeline that are public or that refer to a news article
  • Periodically, your Ads Preferences page
  • Hashed versions of your user id

What data we DO NOT collect from you:

  • Your messages and comments
  • Your posts
  • Your likes
  • Anything else that we do not explicitly state

How is my data going to be used

Your data is going to be used in our research, but only in an aggregated way. All traces of data are pseudonymized before they arrive on our servers.

Is my data going to be safe?

We will store your data in the servers of the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), protected by the MPI-SWS firewall. You are the only one who can access your data through the Facebook Authentication process.

Ad Statistics

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General statistics

See how many ads and posts from news organisations you receive on Facebook, and how do you interract with them

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